How to monetize a website without ads

Did you know that there are several ways to monetize your website without ads? Today we will introduce you to a very innovative project developed on a blockchain called Gather.Network. It allows us to earn passive revenue while users browse our website by offering processing power for the blockchain ecosystem. This gives us the possibility to interact with our users in a much more friendly and transparent way. We will explain more details below. How does it work? The user visits the website.The user opts-in with 1-click.The user’s processing power enters the Gather ecosystem.Enterprises and developers benefit from lower costs via Gather Cloud.The user and the website owner earn money. What are the benefits? Derives income based on the number of visitors to your website or application, not the number of ads you display.Improves the user experience with fewer or no annoying ads.Lowers your business’ compute costs up to 30% for processes requiring complex computations with the Gather Cloud.Enables you to reward your visitors, helping you build user loyalty and increase user time on your site or app.Set up and run nodes that generate $GTH. Help secure the network and receive monthly rewards.Deploy a Proof of Work grade security Blockchain without having to find miners, within minutes. So, what are the steps to follow in order to start earning passive income with our website? It is really very simple, the only thing you have to do is to send a registration request filling in the basic information about our website. Then they will review and approve the application at most in 24-48 hours and send us an email to the email address we used for the registration request, they will send us the credentials to enter our dashboard. Once inside the dashboard we will have to add the website by clicking on the «+ add a website» button. We simply enter the url of our website without https:// and we will be given the javascript code that we must enter on all pages of our site where we want to monetize traffic with this method. Once the code is entered, we will start to see in real time the amount of active miners on our website. The miners are those people who allowed the consent to share the processing power while they are active on your website, in short, are those who clicked on the notice that will appear at the bottom of your site when entering the code. It won’t take long to see the first earnings on our dashboard. Where and how to withdraw profits? The profit earned is the native gather token. Which is inside the Ethereum blockchain and the BNB blockchain. But withdrawals are currently only available on the Ethereum network. In the future the proceeds will be sent to the Gather blockchain, which is already up and running. Withdrawals will be automatic every week when reaching the minimum of 100 tokens, they will be sent to the eth(erc20) address you specify in your user panel.


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